Fixed amount program

Not only yoga-limited, massage is possible, too. Because one-to-one, you can decide the contents flexibly!

Or, if you would like to have massage regularly, you can use these program all for massage.

In addition, long course more than 100 minutes of yoga + massage is also available. Please feel free to ask me.

These pprograms are discounted by 30% compared with having a session one by one!!

Improvement of constitution program

★ 3 months (once a week)  … 100 minutes * 12 times   88,000 yen 


★ 6 months (one time of every other week)  … 100 minutes * 12 times   100,000 yen


•You can have first experience time (normal rate). After the experience, it becomes free when you apply to the program.
•The second time is meal instructs (lecture). It becomes the yoga lesson after the third basically. You can attend the second and the third at the same time.
Please record the meal content as the assignment. For 2 weeks of the first month, for a week of second and third months. I instruct it during the further period with no charge if you wish.
•I give you a reward card becoming oncet half price at 10 points. It has 2 months on expiration date. It is OK to use having massage in a reward to yourself who did your best!
•When it cannot be finished by circumstances within a period, I extend 1 month in a limit during a period.

Diet program

★ 3 months (once a week)  … 100 minutes * 12 times

          with monthly ticket of group lesson (4 times a month * 3)   118,000 yen


★ 3 months + (once a week)  … 100 minutes * 12 times

          with multiple ticket of group lesson (as many times as you want)   130,000 yen



★ 6 months (one time of every other week)  … 100 minutes * 12 times

          with monthly ticket of group lesson (4 times a month * 6)   160,000 yen


★ 6 months + (one time of every other week)  … 100 minutes * 12 times

          with multiple ticket of group lesson (as many times as you want)   184,000 yen



For an improvement of constitution program, it is the plan with the ticket of the nude yoga group lesson at Kumagaya studio.

If you can't keep going diet only by yourself, I recommend this program.

Because the points collect steadily, it is very advantageous!

If you participate in group lessons in Tokyo, will be charged +500 yen per time.

If you are interested in lessons with clothing, please check here. It will be less expensive.


Reservation discount and continuation discount are already applied, and in addition it becomes more economical, but there is the following discount, too.

・Under 29 years…10% discount
・Student…5% discount
・SNS discount…500 yen discount


W continuation discount…If you start second period after the last inning end within 1 month.

☆3 months course…10% discount for the second → 15% discount for the third → 20% discount for fourth and more

☆6 months course…5% discount for the second → 10% discount for the third and more

If you want to realize an effect, 2-year continuation is highly recommended.


…For some reason mental and physical condition is not good enough,

…Though I want to get thinner, I don't know what to do,

…I exercise and care about the meal but never gets slim,

…I have rebounded,

…I got older and became potbellied,

…I want to be youthfully when I get old,

…I want to learn technique to maintain myself and want to become healthy



Let's take in extract of Yoga for everyday life, and get into the habit!

It is a concentrated program of that purpose.

In particular! it is good to fickle person and who can't readily continue alone.

By the program that matched each, so you can continue.

The key is "Little and often fills the purse".


 Therefore meal is particularly important.

General dietetics and calorie calculation are not enough.

I ascertain your constitution, see various factor including current environment and the environment that you grew up, and will do precise instruction.

Because the function of internal organs is strengthened by Yoga posing, it is killing two birds with one stone.

In fact, the constitution does not change dramatically in a short term.

Please think about this program with the first step to review conventional your life at first and take good care more.

I support to change your bad custom, acquire a good custom and continue it.

If you begin with the simple things and work it steadily while realizing an effect step by step, the result certainly comes.

It is the opposite effect even if you begin the workout when your muscle is hard.

In addition, it is recommended for middle-age and the elderly person because you can continue without unreasonableness.

It is already success if you got into the habit of Yoga. Just continue it without unreasonableness. You can do it easily!

I do Yoga for myself every day in habit.

The balance of the meal is produced naturally if I have the food which my body demand even if I don't think.

Because sense become sharp, and I just obey my sense.

In the result, my figure hasn't changed more than 10 years, and got necessary muscle.

The mind become stable and become healthy in synergy.

Easily reduce body fat program

For those who are troublesome, lazy or too busy, you don't have to exercise or restrict your diet. Anyone can do it.


If you can't continue this way, you should give up. It's too easy!

As body fat decreases visibly, consciousness rises, you are going to think to exercise naturally and care about meals.

And you will make further achievements.


Up to 3 months with contract every month.

The cost is about 29,000 yen per month.


Please contact me if you are interested.

Even those who can't attend my classes can do it!

Fasting program

The main purpose of fasting is not a diet.
Of course it will result in a diet, but the main purpose is detox.
When the body is cleansed, it leads to stability of the mind.
Those who seriously improve constitution, thinking reform, please try by all means!

This program is a level up version of "Easily reduce body fat program".
It is a plan supervised by multiple doctors based on nutritional medicine, we use only completely natural foods, but we also do clinical trials.
As the skin becomes beautiful and vitality comes up, all the good things!

 【Main purpose of Fasting】
1. Emission of toxins accumulated in the body
2. Increase natural healing power
3. Raise metabolism
4. Normalization of immune system
5. Constitution improvement
6. Healthy diet with less rebound

Ultra Light course 10 days  50,635 yen
"Maintenance program" 45 days  42,058 yen
Light course 20 days 116,813 yen
Basic course 30 days 173,783 yen
Premium course 45 days 264,968 yen

Please contact me if you are interested.

Even those who can't attend my classes can do it!