Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and demands.

First, please visit the FAQ. I will refrain from answer to the same contents of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Sometimes I can't respond quickly, such as transfer and during the session. If you would like to reserve especially on that day, please contact me as soon as possible.


I can't answer with number-withheld phone calls. When you make an reservation, please always send a message with your phone number from enquiry form in order to cope with sudden changes of reservation and so on.


When there is not a reply from me, probably because wrong e-mail address, divided to the unwanted e-mail folder, refusing the reception from a PC e-mail (mainly with the address of the cell-phone use). Please register the domain of rainbownudeyoga@gmail.com and contact me with your phone number again, please.

メモ: * は入力必須項目です


  1. Payment is cash only.
  2. You may need about 30 minutes for counseling, changing cloth and shower.
  3. Style is basically nude, but of course it is OK wearing cloths. Please prepare clothes that are easy to move and with a little tightening.
  4. As we get lessons, I will confirm your injury or illness in counseling. I ask you not to make false declaration for safety. To advise appropriately, please don't falsify the age. Please confirm the page of Notice  in advance.
  5. When you don't come or can't contact with me after 15 minutes of the time of your reservation, your reservation will be canceled.
  6. Will be charged cancellation fee for a group lesson in Tokyo or travel service in not Kanto regions. Please check in advance.
  7. Please reserve group lessons in Tokyo as much as possible 4 days before in advance. Reservations after noon on the previous day may not be able to prepare yoga mats. It may not be possible to participate if it is before the day.

Notice for who use out call service

  1. 500 yen……within 30 mins from JR Kumagaya station

    1,000 yen……within 1 hour from JR Kumagaya station 

    2,000 yen……within 2 hours from JR Kumagaya station

  2.  Will be charged the actual cost from JR Kumagaya Station on the Takasaki line (around 2,500 to 3,000 yen round-trip in central Tokyo) or actual petrol fee.

  3. I can go to the place within one way two hours from Kumagaya (whole Saitama, Tokyo's 23 wards and middle western district, West Chiba, Northeast Kanagawa, South Gunma, South Tochigi, etc..).
  4. Please prepare space for at least 2 yoga mats to move enough, and maintain the room temperature that the body is not cold.
  5. Yoga mat rental costs is once 300 yen. The mat can be purchased for 1,500 yen (in that case, rental cost is no charge).
  6. If you will have massage, please prepare mattress (or a bed or futon) and bath towels.

Notice for who come to Kumagaya studio

  1. Studio (like a retreat) is also available in a 10-minutes walk from Kumagaya StationIf you come, travel costs is no charge. Parking available for 4.
  2. Free Yoga mat rental, shower, foot bath and herb tea at Kumagaya studio.

for who don't have any space

Rental studio fee here.

Sendagaya Studio Sail, Studio Modern Classicism
In the case of 100 minutes or less, the amount including travel expenses, mat rental fee and location fee is 7,000 yen.
110-180 minutes it will be 8,500 yen. Separately will be charged the lesson fee.

From 2nd time, it is 7,000 yen for less than 120 mins lesson, 8,500 yen for more than 120 mins.


Ebisu Studio Parks are also available.

Studio charge is according to day and time. The amount including place charges, travel expenses and mat rental charges is normally 8,500 yen or 9,500 yen for less than 100 minutes lesson (110 mins from 2nd time). Extra 1,000 yen or 1,500 yen for every 30 mins.

If you have a lesson weekly or fortnightly basis, charge will be 8,000 yen.

Separately will be charged the lesson fee. And also you will have discount of lesson fee for weekly or fortnightly basis.


Since the studio is available when there is vacant, please contact me as soon as possible.