Group Lessons

  • Unless noted, style is nude (male only).
  • Wearable on the first lessons of a month. Underwear only available for shy guys!
  • Please be sure to confirm because details are different by studio.
  • Since reservation is required, from the enquiry form on the occasion of your participation, thank you.
  • Please bring beverages such as water and a towel (towel-like length more than tenugui) in order to wipe the sweat. Towels are used in lessons sometimes.
  • Group lessons are able to be held by your requests. Please send me your suitable times and dates by all means such as "I want to do after work", "I want to do during the day on weekdays because I have weekday holiday".
  • Please reserve group lessons in Tokyo as much as possible 4 days before in advance. Reservations after noon on the previous day may not be able to prepare yoga mats. It may not be possible to participate if it is before the day.

Kumagaya Studio

500 yen discount! (limited offer at Kumagaya Studio)


Mat rental-free. I will serve herb tea after lessons.


Door lock is open from about 15 minutes before the start time, so you can enter.


If you wish, you can also have massage and Sotai-hou after lessons.


You will not have the 500 yen discount for Workshops of the first time because of with souvenir, but, the combination discount with such as group lessons or workshops will be applied. Second and subsequent times it will be 500 yen discount each time.


・Sunday  11:00~12:30


・Thursday  17:00~18:30

                   ☆19:15~20:45    Workshop③

At several studios in Tokyo. Please check the location because it is different every time.

A class will be held only when more than 3 pepole gather within four days before the date.
Cancellation fee after four days ago is 100% (No charge when a class isn't held).


・Feb 8, 29   Mar 7, 14, 21, 28 (Sat)   11:15~12:40   @Ebisu Studio Park2 or 5

・Feb 4   Mar 3, 17, 24, 31 (Tue)   19:15~20:40   @Ebisu Studio Park 2 or 5 


Held on requests. Please let me know your suitable time and date.

For Example,

・Saturday   Till 3 p.m.    @Ebisu Studio Park

・Tuesday or Friday   19:15~20:45   @Ebisu Studio Park

You can have Sotai-hou before or after a lesson, please ask me in advance.

Studio rental fee will apply. Only available when the studio has vacancy. Massage impossible.

Ebisu Studio Park 1~5

Any studio is within a 10-minute walk from JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Subway Line "Ebisu" Station.

Park5 is about same distance from the Hibiya Line "Hiroo" Station.

Since the location by the day might be different, please be sure to confirm.


Price is 4,000 yen per person (mat rental fee 200 yen included).

If you bring your own yoga mat, you will be 200 yen discount (and must apply at the time of booking).


Please make a reservation at noon the date of the day before, otherwise I can't prepare the mat sometimes. 

In the case of the booking after at noon the day before, you might be purchased another 300 yen.




You can enter just 15 minutes before the start time. The lock is open.

Thank you for your leaving in less than 15 minutes from the end time.

Since it is locked with lessons start, please contact me beforehand if you will late.

For rental studio which is also available other people, I hope in punctuality.

Studio Modern Classicism

・5-minute walk from Keio Line "Daitabashi" station.
・10-minute walk from Keio Line "Sasazuka" station.
・10-minute walk from Inokashira or Odakyu line "Shimokitazawa" station.
・7-minute walk from Inokashira "Shindaita" station.


Price is 4,000 yen per person (mat rental fee included).




  • Twice ticket     ... 7,500 yen (3,750 yen per, mat rental fee included)
  • 4 times ticket ... 14,000 yen (3,500 yen per, mat rental fee included)

2 months is valid for tickets. The person himself only, and is available in any studio.

"Little and often fills the purse"


   Monthly ... 4 lessons/month    13,000 yen (3,250 yen per, mat rental fee included)

   Multiple ... as many times as you want/month    18,000 yen (mat rental fee included)

 If you have monthly ticket, you can have a lesson for 3,000 yen after fifth times.

Friends Discount

If you introduce someone, you and those who have been introduced will be 1,000 yen discount both. If you are using tickets, you will be cash back.

Students & U29 Discount

It will be 500 yen discount per lesson.  Student card or ID with photo required.

Since the combination possible, 1,000 yen discount for students under 29 years old! !

Junior and Senior High Shool Students Discount

It will be half price per lesson.  Student card with photo required.

After collect 10 points

You can have one lesson for half price. When you purchase the tickets, I will discount the equivalent amount. Expiration is 2 months.

During the campaign, the discount is available for private lessons, you will have up to 9,500 yen discount!!