Any discounts are not applied to group lessons and fixed amount program. They have own discounts each.


If you have bookings more than once a week, you will have more than 3,000 yen discounts. Please ask me in advance.

Reservaton 1,000 yen off Make a reservation of private lesson or massage until at 8 p.m. the day before
Continuation1 20% off

※(once a week)  the next reservation is within 10 days

Continuation2 10% off ※(once every 2 weeks)  the next reservation is within 20 days


5% off 

※(once a month)  the next reservation is within 30 days
※need to make a reservation at that time or make a schedule
Continuation4 Half Price 11th times (after collect 10 stamps)
Young1 1,000 yen off Under 29 years old    ※ID with the photograph required
Young2 500 yen off Less than 35 years old    ※ID with the photograph required
Student1 500 yen off ※Student card with the photograph required
Student2 Half Price Junior and senior high school students (under 18 years old)
SNS1 500 yen off "Like The Facebook Page and share on your Timeline"
SNS2 "Twitter follow & tweet"


"Become blog reader & comment on some articles"

※the discount apply one by one once


・Weekday AM & Premium Friday profit : for the reservation on weekday AM and Premium Friday, 10 mins extension free (virtually 1,000 yen)!


・Introducing profit : both the person who introduce and who are introduced, 10 mins extension free (virtually 1,000 yen)! 


・Athlete, Performer, Instructor, Model, Trainer & Therapist plofit : 10 mins extension free (virtually 1,000 yen)!  for professional athlete, performer, model, instructor (such as dance, martial arts, etc...), trainer in a gym, therapist (such as massage, reiki, including the spiritual reading, etc...).


Campaign, the discount & profit contents will change at any time. Any discounts are able to combine except "Half Price Discount". "Little and often fills the purse."