Several workshops will be held at Kumagaya studio.
You can learn to each theme. Style is nude and also OK in clothes.

A special souvenir with in for the first times each.

①Slimming & Shape up

 ... Correct the distortion of the body, we will train the core muscles well-balanced while relaxes muscles. Let's make toned body!


②Constitution & Diet (lectures, has assignment)

 ... The most important is the diet, anyway. Our bodies are made of what we ate. Reflecting on yourself, we will learn the meal that suits in the constitution by using the idea of "yin and yang".

  •   Assignment : one week's meals (anything what you eat and drink) content will be recorded in the Excel data.
  •   Belongings : writing utensils (red, yellow, blue fluorescent pens), print out the assignment


③ Meditation & Relaxation (wearing clothing, 19:15 on Thursdays)

 ... We will learn meditation to easily putting into practice in everyday life. First of all we will loosen tensions with exercise and breathing. Finally, we will completely relax in the relaxation method of my induction.


④Resolve Stiff shoulders!

 ... Let's graduate from stiff neck! Since the reason is simple, you will acquire a technique of releasing muscle tension and stiffness. It is easy to do by yourself. Shoulder massage only is not enough!!


⑤Repel Lower back pain!

 ... When you want to modify the distortion of the body, it is from pelvis the first. Waist is important. We will do a pelvic correction gymnastics in the main. Someone might have hurts leg. Once you get the hang of it, strained back also be cured by yourself!



1 course 4,000 yen (mat rental fee included, with souvenir), tickets use OK!

Discount : 2 courses 7,500 yen,  3 courses 10,500 yen,  4 courses 13,000 yen,  5 courses 15,000 yen

Discount will be applied with group lessons, too.

Schedule  ・Group lessons,  ☆Workshops


・Thursday   17:00~18:30  Group lesson

Thursday   19:15~20:45  WS③ Meditation & Relaxation 


You can have the same content in private lessons, please contact me.

If you have request of the date and time and location, it is available, too.
Because it is also available in a large number of people, ask me to a variety of planning such events.