Kumagaya Studio & Salon

Address : Akebono 3-39, Kumagaya, Saitama

10-minute walk from JR Takasaki Line, Chichibu-Tetsudo Line, Joetsu & Hokuriku Shinkansen "KumagayaStation.

Ebisu Studio Park 1~5

Only for Yoga and Sotai-hou. Massage impossible.

Private lesson is available when it is vacant. Please ask me in advance.



Check the map from this link.

Since the location by the date might be different, please be sure to confirm.

Any studio is within a 10-minute walk from JR Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Subway Line "Ebisu" Station.

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 Ebisu nishi, Shibuya, Tokyo 1-2-1 Ebisu Apartment 908=Park1, 604=Park2


★ Directions:  Cross the road in front of the police box at JR Ebisu Station West exit, go straight the road sandwiched Softbank shop and Taiyaki shop, turn right at the first corner, immediately turn left and walk 30 meters along the Yamanote Line. Then you will see the "Ebisu Apartment" on the left. This is the building in front of bicycle parking lot. No sign on the road.



 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo 1-3-16 Toyo Building 1F  The back room of the building  


★ Directions:  Go out right the JR Ebisu Station West Exit, go to the left and walk up to the Komazawa street, turn right. The Komazawa street on the left go straight by the station on the back and cross footbridge over and turn right. There is a post office on the left when you go along the Meiji street on the right. It is the the innermost room of the first floor of the front of the building.



 Higashi, Shibuya, Tokyo 3-20-2 K.I Building 1F


★ Directions:  Go out right JR Ebisu Station West Exit, go to the left and walk up to the Komazawa street, turn right. Cross the Komazawa street to the left at first signal. Go straight 100 meters and turn right at first signal. Turn left at second road and walk 50 meters. Then you will see the white building on the left. It is the first floor of the "K · I Building". The entrance is on the right after enter.



 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo 1-9-18 Kato Building B1F (there is a entrance on the side facing the road)


★ Directions:  Go out the JR Ebisu Station East Exit, Sunkus on the left go straight 300 meters by the station on the back, turn left at first signal. Turn right at next signal to the Meiji street and walk 200 meters. Then you can see the neighbors a cleaning shop on the left beyond Lawson, the first basement floor of Kato building. There is 2 underground, The entrance is facing the Meiji Street, beside of cleaning shop. Another one on the side of the building is storeroom. 


※ Park5 is about same distance from the Hibiya Subway Line "Hiroo" Station Exit 2.


※ Any studio don't have parking lot and bicycle parking area, please use nearby coin-operated parking.

studio modern classicism

Only for Yoga and Sotai-hou. Massage impossible.

Open  10:00~22:00    Close Mondays.

Address: Oh-hara 1-25-4 Setagaya, Tokyo,  Eternity Oh-hara 4F


・5-minute walk from Keio Line "Daitabashi" station.
・10-minute walk from Keio Line "Sasazuka" station.
・10-minute walk from Odakyu line "Shimokitazawa" station.
・7-minute walk from Inokashira "Shindaita" station.