"After the lesson, I'm getting easy to walk for the back stretches and I felt posture change."



→ I'm happy to hear that you can feel the change. Please keep going!


"I can stretched the part where it is not done usually, it was realized that I had a muscle I am not using as usual."


→ It is that so. You first begins to notice it. Particularly, since usually do not stretch out or side, I think that many people have become flank muscle pain.


"When I bend after loosening tension, it was realized became a lot easier."


→ Most of the people can stretch more than 20cm. Loosening muscle of arms, around shoulder, the stomach, waist and legs, bending will be easier. I also always, it is fun because I can feel surprisingly difference.


"Buttocks loosening was felt good. I want to try it because it can be easily done at home."


→ Buttocks loosening is the winning strategy!! You may not usually conscious you have stiff buttocks? Since also cause lower back pain, let's always loosen!


"Came off the stiffness of shoulder. I found that it was very stiff."


→ The scapula to move large, relaxes in a variety of ways, so we will loosen well as arm, stiff neck will also be loosened. If you have terrible stiff shoulder, I have also applied Sotai-hou. Let's deal with before they become badly!


"I felt internal organs start moving. It is interesting."


→ That means you are sensitive if you can feel like that. That sounds good. Since yoga poses stimulate even internal organs, they activate from inside the body.


"I really feel refreshed!"


→ you will pretty sweat. Even seems not moving a lot, actually It has quite worked. Brain also refreshing, eyes bright! Mentally also will relax.


 "I thought that yoga was hard, but now I feel easy because I was able to done yoga comfortably.  I can feel both heart and body become lighter. "


→Now you realize the effect when you move comfortably without doing hard. 


"The teacher have no really extra fat. I want to be so."


→ Continuing to practice properly, you can train inner muscles and take extra fat off.. I am now not conscious to maintaining the body. I can keep the health if you surrender body and mind naturally like what and how much eat, how much move, etc... Yoga is essential to cultivate the feeling!


"The teacher gently taught me. It was easy to understand. The voice of the instruction was able to be relaxed pleasantly"


→ Thank you very much. It is tailored to each person is because of one-on-one lessons. I never force you, let's look for a point to become comfortably together!


"When I have Sotai-hou I didn't think it was really effective, but I was surprised because pain become lightly and move easier!"


→ It is that so. Moving to loosen the part where there is pain or stiffness, modify the distortion, it will move surprisingly easier. But rather than just having massage with lying down, it is great effect! Come to try!


"I had Sotai-hou for the first time, I really feel the difference before and after. It is very interesting. It is great because I can immediately realize the effect! "


→ I am always surprised for the effect, too. The human body has the power that is going to keep the balance by oneself. Sotai-hou is effective in making natural healing power.

"I had oil massage, the hands were soft and the pressure was well.  I was invited to sleep by a very natural flow like the feeling that having massage in an overseas beach resort spa."


"I had dry massage, it was all totally just right. Because he matched just right pressure with my, it was so comfortable."


"It was comfortable than any massage I have had so far. Thank you."


→ I'm honored. Thanks you very much. Because massage is a contact-type communication, is regarded carefully the information breathing and body emitted, so that can customers to maximize relax, I am always focused. I am doing my best to study such as technology and also create good atmosphere.


In addition, after the massage your body and mind are very relaxed. It is dangerous to start moving in a hurry. In Kumagaya salon, so we take a sufficient interval, you will be able to take slowly the shower, change clothes and drink tea.