Q: But the body is stiff, Is it possible to do yoga?

A: Because the body is stiff, you should do yoga! Anyone is hard at the beginning. Because it is private lessons, not ashamed need to do or compared with others. Yoga can be practiced by anyone young and old, men and women.

Q: i would be embarrassed because i am not slim.

A:  It is not necessary to be in nude such as private lessons excluding group lessons of what dress code is nude. You can stare your body from the outside when you are in nude. In addition, it is easier also staring at the inside because the feeling is sharp. And "consciousness" it is important.

And precisely because being fat, let's be skinny with yoga! By become nude in front of other people, because "the power of consciousness" is up, actually it is more effective. Of course, You'd better had the body to aim to your own, but there is no need to compare with others.

How about participating first group lesson of a month (wearing OK)?

Q: I Would be embarrassed When I got an erection.

A: There is no shy necessary. Please be surrendered to the natural reaction. Erection is very natural. That you throw away the sense of shame is also yoga. You absolutely will not bother when you concentrate on lessons.

Men have erection when they sleep. In the same way, making it easier to erect in a relaxed state (which is independent of the erotic feelings). In addition, the internal organs work becomes brisk, the hormones and autonomic nerves get ballance, also the abdomen become strong and energy also up. Erection is rather to be proud of!

Q: When I look at PHOTOS of the gallery, but I don't think I can do like you.

A: Of course, It does not work suddenly, there is no need to do. That you can do is different one by one. So, let's find a way that you can comfortably do together.  If you can release your tension well, you will be able to do asana easily.  Take it easy. Do "comfortably!". Let's aim to yoga that can be incorporated naturally into everyday life.

Q: I have only 30 minutes for the massage, but I want you to massage only the top of the back.

A: In the case of 30 minutes, basically you will have reflexology or Sotai-hou. Body has connected all. Even loosened only a part, you might feel that it became a little easier at that time, but also it will be back soon stiff. Partial massage can not be expected to have much effect. However, reflexology and Sotai-hou reach out to the whole body, they are very effective even for a short time.

Q: I don't have any space and Kumagaya is too far to go also.

A: I ask you to provide your location when you call me.


Ebisu Studio Parks are also available.

Studio charge is according to day and time. The amount including place chargestravel expenses and mat rental charges is normally 6,500 yen or 7,500 yen for less than 100 minutes lesson (110 mins from 2nd time). Extra 1,000 yen or 1,500 yen for every 30 mins.

If you have a lesson weekly or fortnightly basis, charge will be 6,000 yen.

Separately will be charged the lesson fee. And also you will have discount of lesson fee for weekly or fortnightly basis.


The studio near Sasazuka, Daitabashi, Shimokitazawa and Shindaita stations is also now available (10 to 22, closed on Mondays).


In the case of 100 minutes or lessthe amount including travel expenses, mat rental fee and location fee is 5,000 yen.
110-180 minutes it will be 6,000 yenSeparately will be charged the lesson fee.

From 2nd time, it is 5,000 yen for less than 110 mins lesson, 6,000 yen for more than 120 mins.


Since the studio is available when there is vacant, please contact me as soon as possible.

Q: I'd like to have group lessons in the daytime of weekdays.

A: If you would like to have group lessons  (OK even with those who don't know each other) in the Kumagaya studio, please tell me that. If there is plenty of period in the dates of your reservation, you will be able to recruit participants, by such as Twitter and Facebook. You can gather even weekday daytime as well. Although I think that it is difficult to just before the reservation.

Q: Don't you have full body massage Less than 60 mins course?

A: Massage only is from at least 70 mins. Because I would like you to as much as possible relax. After Yoga lessons short time massage is available. Body become loose easily because of yoga in the first half, there is moderately effect with even 70 mins massage.


If you have sessions on a regular basis, you can have Sotai-hou or reflexology for  30, 40, 50, 60, 70 mins and so on.

Such as to improve the symptoms of slipped disk, for those who come to continue for some time, or those who have physically anxiety, short courses are also available. Please feel free to contact me so that we have counseling.

Q: Can I Do just Visit only or free trial?

A: I'm sorry. No free trail and no just visit only. How about participating first group lesson of a month (wearing OK)?

Q: In group lessons, I want you to tell me how is  other participants. How many and How Old...?

A: I'm afraid I can not answer. Yoga is for everybody.

Without worrying about other people around, please concentrate on your own yoga.

Q:Massage available at any studios in Tokyo?

A: Massage is not available at any rental studios. They are only for Yoga and Sotai-hou.

Private lesson is available when it is vacant. Please ask me in advance.