What is Nude Yoga?

Nude yoga lessons in the room seem to be popular recently in Europe and America.

You can feel nature and be very comfortable when you do yoga outdoor like a beach.


Blood circulation become worse when you wear an underwear with tight rubber or a brassiere with the wire.

Let's be naked and release yourself! To abandon a sense of shame is also Yoga.



When you are nude,

1. A sense becomes sharper, and the ability of introspection improves.
2. An effect of the yoga improves by staring at one's body, and being conscious.
3. You can see the movement of the muscle very well, and a plain lesson is possible.


However, nude must not necessarily have it. Because the contents is the most important.

Please prepare clothes that are easy to move and with a little tightening.

Sometimes you are asked for clothing depending on a case having low temperature of the room and lesson contents.

Lesson Contents

Yoga lessons, Self-massage lecture, Advice of lifestyle such as diet and breathing techniques,


Sohtai-hou (If you have some physical troubles such as lower back pain, please try to experience. Modify the distortion of your body such as the pelvis, it will be comfortable. The great effect !!),

Relaxation massage (aromatherapy oils can also be used. Well as body, head and face massage, head spa, facial esthe stomach massage and reflexology are also available!)


To arrange your original program, the contents will be different each.

Massage only is also available. Massage details 

Ex1 180mins(1person)

90 mins for yoga lessons, 30 mins for Sohtai-hou,

and 60 mins for relaxation massage No. 1 popular

Ex2 150mins(1person)

90 mins for dietary advice and yoga lessons,

and 60 mins for ralaxation massage No. 2 popular

Ex3 120mins(2people)

90 mins for yoga lessons,

and 30 mins for lecture of self massage with the partner each other


Since it takes 80-90 minutes at least to yoga lessons for you to feel the effect, It is recommended a course of more than 150 minutes if you want to have a full body massage at the same time.

Time will be shortened not to work too hard if you are under poor physical condition or rehabilitation.


You will probably have reflexology or Sohtai-hou in the case of 120-minute course. You can feel the effect of massage on 30 minutes when having reflexology and Sohtai-hou.

Because the effect can not be expected enough compared to the whole body massage, upper body only or partial massage, is not nearly done.


If you have sessions on a regular basis, you can have Sotai-hou or reflexology for  70 minutes.

Such as to improve the symptoms of slipped disk, for those who come to continue for some time, or those who have physically anxiety, short courses are also available. Please feel free to contact me so that we have counseling.