Improvement of constitution program and Diet program (fixed amount)

Group lessons details

Wearing clothing OK on the first lessons of a month. Underwear only available for shy guys!!

Workshops details


Rainbow Nude Yoga & Massage

Nude yoga becomes the topic all over the world. Being naked, body and mind can be really relax!

Offering mobile private lessons by male YOGA instructor. Group lessons like with your friends or partners are also available of course. There is a studio at Kumagaya.
It's not only Yoga asana but also advice of lifestyle such as diet and breathing, Sohtai-hou, lectures of techniques of self-massage, and relaxation massage as well.

Because of private lessons, you can do it in the original program only for you. Please try to incorporate yoga into your daily life.

There are a variety of yoga lessens recently, but don't you feel difficlut to find the lessons that suit you? If you overdo it to match with other people and atmosphere ,it is the opposite effect.

If you...

could not last even through the lessons so far,

want to deepen your yoga,

want to increase the effect of training and sports,

want to suffer from chronic lower back pain and stiff neck and shoulder,

can not relieve stress,

want to live healthy, but not know what to begin,

feel shy because most of lessons are full of women, ...etc.

It is very welcome for the first time of course! ! I support your health through yoga. Massage only is also available.

It's OK even in clothing! First of all, please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Nude ≠ Porn   Just be natural like a baby! 

Important! ※ You can't receive an email from me if you don't set up to allow the reception of PC mail (especially sending message by cell phone). When booking, please fill in the phone number always. In addition, I can not respond the telephone enquiry of non-notification. Thank you.


※ It is basically private lessons. If you would like to have group lessons  (OK even with those who don't know each other) in the Kumagaya tudio, please tell me that. If there is plenty of period in the dates of your reservation, you will be able to recruit participants, by such as Twitter and Facebook. You can gather even weekday daytime as well.